50 Shades of What?

By now you’ve heard of the book or the movie, 50 Shades of Grey. It’s not simply a love story. It’s not sweet or romantic. The books and story are centered on a dark and complex sexual relationship. Its messages are complex and even degrading.

There is no denying that the books and movie are having a HUGE impact on our culture. Book sales passed $100 million in November. One of the fastest selling series of all times, it passed The Da Vinci Code and is swiftly catching up to books series like Harry Potter and Twilight.

How should the Church respond?

We could condemn it. We could boycott the movie. 
But doesn’t that usually backfire and give it more undeserved attention? 

As church leaders, we can ignore it and hope it goes away. 
But is that helpful for people with questions and distorted view of love, sex and relationships?

When a book or a movie become a cultural phenomenon like this… it actually sets up the church with an opportunity. An opportunity to share love and truth from the Bible that fills the God-shaped hole that all of us search for.

Unending Shades of Grace

GOD knows best. He is the author. Love, Sex, Marriage, Intimacy, Trust. These were all GOD’s ideas. He created them.
A love that knows no bounds. 
A love that is unconditional. 
A love that sets captives free.
A love demonstrated and made possible through Jesus Christ.

Join with Us – Redeem the Grey!

Join the movement. Make a decision to do SOMETHING and join with us. Make your plans and use #GODSnotGREY to share those plans and spread the Word.