Ministry Leaders and Partners

We all make mistakes and have ‘bones’ in the closet. It’s when we face the closet that we become free and strong! THE SONG is about doing just that – and breaking those generational curses. My wife and I loved it!
Danny Cahill
Winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser
This movie honestly portrays what is good and messy about marriage better than any faith-based movie I’ve seen. It asks what we all ask at times in dating and marriage: ‘What’s the point of it all?’ You’ll see people you know - even yourself - in this story of real-life consequences, and grace. I love it and encourage other Christians to support and use this film.
— Dr. Greg Smalley
VP of Family Ministries at Focus on the Family
Author of Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage, The DNA of Relationships for Couples
THE SONG is a fresh, edgy movie that takes on one of the oldest temptations known to man. I loved the acting, music, and most of all the main message of the movie. This is a gritty movie, but one that you’ll want to take an older teen to, then go out for a coke and a long discussion to interact around the warning THE SONG brings. This is no cheesy Christian film. Absolutely outstanding!!!
— Dr. Dennis Rainey
Host of FamilyLife Today
A compelling, honest, must see film - just like the real life story on which the film is based.
— Bob Lepine
Co-Host, FamilyLife Today
Real, relevant and powerful! You will not want to miss seeing THE SONG. When it comes to dealing with biblical truths about love and marriage this movie hits the nail on the head for all of us living in this 21st Century culture. Go see it and take your friends with you.
— Julie Baumgardner
President and CEO, First Things First
I’ve always been skeptical of faith-based films, but I gave THE SONG a chance, and it did not disappoint. This film blends a moving biblical narrative with an entrancing modern love story while maintaining the integrity of both. This movie is gripping, transcendent, and a whole lot of fun. THE SONG is a faith-filled musical love story that will make your heart sing.
— Jonathan Merritt
Senior columnist for Religion News Service and author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined
This movie deals truthfully with relationships, dating couples and marriage. It doesn’t shy away from the messiness of life and its consequences. I love it! It’s raw. It’s honest. It’s compelling.
— Susan Merrill
iMOM Director
This movie is refreshingly real in its portrayal of the selfishness, doubt and despair that can creep into any relationship – especially a relationship that’s left untended. For those who are married or hope to be married someday, consider THE SONG a winsome but weighty wake-up call.
— Lisa Anderson
Director of young adults at Focus on the Family
and host of The Boundless Show
Do yourself a big favor and make time to see THE SONG. Do your friends a favor and take them with you. It’s much more than great entertainment. It’s an investment. THE SONG is an exceptional faith-based film with an engaging story, great music and a strong message. From the opening scene it will capture your imagination and your heart and impact how you view living your life. You’ll be talking about this movie for weeks after you’ve seen it. It’s that significant.
— Dr. Gary Oliver, Executive Director
The Center for Healthy Relationships, John Brown University
Captivating, gritty, and tender — The Song is a powerful faith-based movie about redeeming love. The foolishness and wisdom of Solomon are woven throughout each scene. Masterful acting portrays the messiness of real life temptations gone awry when greed and selfishness prevail and focus on faith in God is lost. The Song is guaranteed to impact lives.
— Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
EWTN TV Host, speaker, and award-winning author of numerous books, including Rooted in Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women
THE SONG is an excellent presentation of flawed people as described in the Bible that actually live in today’s world as well. The cast does an excellent job of real life portrayal of how marriages grow apart. The film clearly illustrates if the husband and wife do not intentionally put the time and effort in to grow together in marriage, then individually they will grow apart. The music is delightful and fresh with excellent harmony with meaningful words. The National Coalition of Ministry to Men is a proud supporter of the film. It provides a clear cut presentation of what is important in life.
— Darrel Billups
Executive Director, National Coalition of Ministry to Men


As a pastor I’m thrilled to be part of a project like THE SONG because it speaks honestly and authentically about subjects like love, sex, marriage, and true satisfaction in life.
— Kyle Idleman
Southeast Christian Church
The Song is an incredible story of God’s redemptive power that can reach you no matter how far you fall. This movie will bring hope and change to many lives.
— Jim McBride
Sherwood Baptist Church
All of us have family, friends or work associates who struggle with alcohol, drugs or decaying marriages. THE SONG, using the book of Ecclesiastes as the foundation, addresses these situations head on. It is a powerful 21st century portrayal of a wasted life that can be turned around. This is not a typical Christian film. It is a raw portrayal of tragic choices while at the same time offering hope of redemption.
— Michael Catt
Sherwood Baptist Church
As a pastor I liked The Song because it doesn’t hide the real life struggles and temptations that individuals and couples face. You and your church should go see it because you will be captivated by a story that compellingly reveals the meaninglessness of trying to find true joy in money, sex, popularity or success. Instead, Solomon’s story again challenges us to find joy in the mercy of our Creator and the ‘wife of our youth’ (Prov 5:18).
— Dr. Jonathan Akin
Senior Pastor, Fairview Church
Our team really enjoyed THE SONG. We were moved by some really relatable and powerful moments. Great camera work and production quality. I especially loved the poetic use of biblical text. A moving storyline very reminiscent of Walk the Line.
— Glenn Packiam
Pastor New Life Church Downtown


It is a moving story that brings to life the foolishness and wisdom of Solomon. A faithful depiction of real life that makes clear that our decisions have great ramifications and import.
— Daniel L. Akin
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
An honest and powerful story that demonstrates the pain and pleasure of love and the pursuit of power, THE SONG will connect with women and men everywhere. It is a movie women will want to see. It’s honest. Gritty. Messy. In other words, it doesn’t gloss over life and the consequences of our choices, but paints them with texture and color.
Elisa Morgan
Speaker, Author, The Beauty of Broken, President Emerita, MOPS International
I’ve been asked to endorse many ‘Christian’ movies and have declined. I generally don’t like them. I’d prefer a well-told human story in a ‘secular’ movie any day over a poorly told story in a ‘Christian’ movie. THE SONG is a step in the right direction, however. There are some aspects of the story telling that I found a bit ‘canned,’ but overall I found this movie worth watching. It’s an honest attempt to tell an honest story about marital breakdown and redemption. It’s not afraid to get raw. It’s not afraid to look honestly at the underbelly of human brokenness. And I think it will give people hope. That’s always a good thing.
— Christopher West
Founder and President, The Cor Project