The Song Campaign Kick-Off

"This year's Best way to Reach Couples in Your Church and Community"

This could be the best chance to share a biblical message on love, sex, and marriage since Solomon wrote the Song of Songs!


What is it?

THE SONG is a new critic- and pastor-acclaimed movie and a full line of church resources to help you share God's plan for love, sex, and marriage with your church and couples in your community.  The movie is a music-driven romantic drama about things we all pursue... love and meaning.  It's a modern day adaptation of the life of Solomon, inspired by the Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes.



Kyle Idleman introduces THE SONG

Followed by the official trailer



Pastors, you and your church staff can preview the full movie NOW by filling out this form (all required fields). Also, as a thank you for signing up, you will receive a free marriage sermon by Kyle Idleman.

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